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A place of worship, healing and a beacon of hope for our community

Looking for a place where you can nourish your spiritual growth, gain enlightenment, and connect with fellow community members? Huda Community Centre warmly welcomes you, providing a space where you can find solace, wisdom, and meaning.

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Al Huda Masjid

About Us

A Rich History of Serving the Community: Founding, Growth, and Milestones

Established in 2009, Huda Community Centre stands proudly in Newtown, Birmingham, reflecting the city's rich cultural heritage and serving its diverse Muslim community. As a cornerstone in the community, we've consistently aimed to make a positive difference, providing both spiritual and practical support.

  • A united and vibrant community where Islamic teachings guide growth, mutual respect, and understanding, fostering goodwill among all residents of Newtown.
  • To offer not just community activities, but also a nurturing environment for worship, education, and personal development, binding together diverse groups in harmony.
  • Through our myriad programs and initiatives, Huda Community Centre has been a catalyst in promoting unity, understanding, and positive growth within the Newtown community.
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Our Commitment to Serving the Community

At Huda Centre we are dedicated to serving the community by providing a wide range of programs and services. Our organisational structure ensures efficient operations, and our staff and volunteers play vital roles in delivering our mission.

Weekly Classes

Dive into enriching sessions that cover a range of topics, nurturing spiritual growth, and fostering community bonding, all tailored to suit diverse age groups and interests.

Huda Academy

A dedicated educational wing focusing on holistic Islamic teachings, nurturing young minds to be righteous individuals and responsible community contributors.

Marriage Services

Offering comprehensive matrimonial guidance and ceremonial services, we ensure your special day aligns with Islamic traditions and is a memorable start to your journey together.

Counsel Services

Our experienced counselors provide confidential support, addressing both individual and family concerns, ensuring mental well-being and spiritual balance within the community.

Huda Tuition

Supporting academic excellence, our tuition services provide personalised educational assistance, ensuring students excel in their mainstream education alongside religious studies.

Huda Events

Celebrate unity and culture through our diverse events that resonate with community spirit, featuring festivals, seminars, and social gatherings for all ages to enjoy and bond.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

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